Kitchen Cabinets & Wardrobes


As a standard line of production for case goods, we use the best MDF for backing any kind of PVC from our standard line or whatever required for wood-veneer finishes with Polyurethane Paint.

Product Identification:

  • MDF, Veneer, PVC case goods.
  • Melamine, Laminated (PVC edged), Carcasses for different purposes.
  • All range of MDF, PVC, Veneer and Solid Wood for panels, shutters, and other loose furniture like: Kitchen Cabinets, Wardrobes, Reception Counters, Vanity Base Counters, Cabinets, Desks and other case goods.
Product Technical Description:

MDF (Medium Density Fiber Board) with a wide range of thickness from 3 mm to 30 mm for smooth surface, stability, uniformity, manufactured from processed plantation wood fiber bonded together under heat and pressure in order to provide the best medium density fiber board available in the interior sector.

PVC (Decorative Poly-Venil Covers) for panels, shutters and case goods thermofoiled and edges with matching colors of Machine Laminated boards from multiple sources. They come in different thickness: 0.3 mm up to 45 mm and are pressed on a multiple head lipping machines and membrane presses.

Melamine, Laminated board from multiple sources, chosen from laminated boards of premium quality. Laminated sheets are machine pressed under heat with special glue over MDF boards that comes with different thicknesses.

Veneer- from all available sources. Veneer is chosen based on the following :

  • Thickness- from 0.4 mm up to 1.50 mm (as per request).
  • Cut from Grade A to B Wood Shell.
  • Piles cut to size and face up with different textures.
Solid Wood-from all available sources (upon request). Our range of lumber (Solid Wood) is chosen as per the following:

  • All Lumber to be kin dry.
  • All Lumber to be thickness clear (cut to size) by machines.


  • Postformed
  • Aluminium - HPL
  • MDF - Veneered
  • Solid Wood