Acrylics and Acrycoats Bathtubs & Shower Trays

Our rich Acrylic & Acrycoat finishes are long lasting and easily cleaned. Everything we provide ensures reliable performance designed to set up the standards of luxury bathing.

  • Smooth and warm to touch, these bathtubs are simple to maintain and will charm any bathroom for years to come.
  • These baths are made from pure Acrylic Material, which is uniquely suitable for baths as it retains its formed shape for the lifetime of the bathtub. Cheaper extruded acrylic sheets can not offer this durability.
  • Minor scratches can simply be polished out.
  • Customized headrests and handle add comfort and convenience.
New concepts for bathrooms? Specific shapes, colors and finishes in mind? Want to create distinctive, marketable designs? Need support for your ideas? Talk with us in confidence, with confidence! We are the Middle East's leading acrylic solutions providers.

Our innovation and expertise in acrylic molding, color technology, light effects and acrylic finishes is second to none and our passion for manufacturing quality is recognised by leading Contractors and Interior Designers throughout the Middle East.

  • Light Weight- In comparison to inorganic glass (specific gravity: 2.5), Acrylic (specific gravity: 1.19) is less than half its weight.
  • Water Clear- Colorless, Acrylic is as clear as a rock crystal. Its light transmittance rate of 93% means that Acrylic is the clearest material available in the market.
  • Weather Resistance- Acrylic is extremely resistant to sunlight and all weather conditions - both high and low tem-perature.
  • Impact Resistance- Acrylic can withstand stronger impact than organic glass. It is virtually unbreakable, even when struck with a hammer. In extremely rare cases of breakage, it is still safe, as its surface does not shatter into small pieces like organic glass.
  • Various Colors to Choose from -       
    • A wide selection of transparent and translucent colors are available.
    • All the surfaces of colored sheets have superior gloss covers.
    • White translucent colors are excellent for light diffusion effect. This is most suitable for the light diffuser panels, skylights, signboards, bathtubs etc.
  • Easy Formability- Acrylic is thermoplastic -becomes soft when heated and hard when cooled. A typical forming condition for a 3mm thick sheet using an air-circulating oven (140-1800C).
  • Hardness of Surface- The surface of Acrylic is almost the same toughness as Aluminum. It is harder than some plastic, but a touch softer than inorganic glass.
  • Chemical Resistance- Acrylic is resistant to water, inorganic salts, alkalis, oils and fat deposits. However, certain acids and chemicals can damage it by causing it to dissolve, swell or crack.
  • No Toxin- Acrylic does not contain any substances that may harm human body.