Our products offered are unlimited when it comes to design, quality and colors. They mainly consist of:

Loose Furniture, Carcass Structures, Kitchen Cabinets, Wardrobes, Shutters, Reception Counters, Service Counters, Vanity Counters, Kitchen Service Tops, Floors and Ceilings, Bathtubs, Shower Trays, Shower Enclosures, Sinks, Washbowls, WCs, Bidets, Mixers, Whirlpool Systems, and Accessories. They are fabricated, installed or supplied as per the clients’ choice and preference.

Representing the largest scale of the fabrication, design and color possibilities ever made available in the world of solid surfaces.

Leading wooden custom made loose furniture (Wardrobes, Kitchen Cabinets, Multi Purpose Counters, Carcass Structures, etc.) designed and fabricated from wide selection of the finest timber. It also includes Aluminium Kitchen Cabinets with unlimited design possibilities manufactured for application where durability, hygienic and decoratives are required.

The renowned make for quality, innovation and style in the bathroom interiors including countless designs of luxury and semi luxury bathroom sets and varieties made out of Cultured Marble and Onyx.

Alkitec is a durable, hygienic, fire resistant, water resistant; powder coated Aluminium profile kitchen cabinets with High Pressure Laminated sheets to ensure the rigidity and non-porousity, and creates surfaces that do not support the growth of bacteria.

The leader in MDF-PVC doors and panels for kitchen and cabinets. The expertise of our team and the high-tech machinery available, provides the most advanced decorative solutions.

Thermo-formed in the form of Bathtubs, Shower Trays, and other fittings of extra ordinary choices. Acrylic development has been the corner stone of the bath accessories industry since a decade.