Founded in 1980, Sanitart Systems started its operations as a leading business in the manufacturing and installation of Cultured Marble and Onyx products. It was a successful business. The products of Sanitart have been installed and appreciated by distinguished clients all over the UAE.

Later, in 1987, Sanitart introduced its Kitchen Cabinets Factory. The factory was established to meet the increasing demands in the local market for Kitchen Cabinets. Major projects in the country were progressed by Sanitart and the results were immensely improving from one year to another.

As the demand for Solid Surfaces increased in the Middle East, Sanitart Systems began importing raw materials and investing in technology to develop the very well known product in the market today: Solidex.

The Solidex Plant commenced its operation in 1995 evidently enhancing the quality and performance of an outstanding combination of designs and colors.

Sanitart had no choice but to add to its charm of interior solutions: Amasuh - fabrication of loose furniture related to our scope of work (multi-purpose counters, carcasses, wardrobes and doors) made out of the finest timber materials available to suit the complexed tastes in the market.

The year 1997 witnessed the opening of a unique factory for the Bathtubs, Shower-Trays and other Sanitary or Service items. And since then, Sanitart has initiated a new era in the production and supply of modern Acrylic thermo-formed bathroom fittings in the UAE market. Nowadays, Sanitart exports its products to many countries around the world.

Sharjah Showroom was established, to accommodate the wide range of Sanitart's own products and to reveal the reality of its design and quality to customers. In 1998, Abu Dhabi branch was established to accommodate demands from the capital and to attain up-standard services on daily basis. In the outset of the year 2005, Sanitart Systems occupied a solid base and was available for all its Dubai clients to fulfill the strong demands and to secure better services.

Distributors all around the Gulf Region were appointed to further enhance the availability of Sanitart's products to the sophisticated markets, which require quality and a reasonable price-meet approach.

Lately, the trading division was established and Sanitart was recognized as the distributor for different makes of Accessories, Whirlpool Systems, Mixers and Sanitary Wares. Such products are included on Sanitart's profile to secure the demands of its clients and to assure them of its care by providing them with the best interior solutions available in the world of Bathrooms, Kitchens and Loose Furniture.